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You need an IATA-approved flight-kennel ? We always stock some kennels with different sizes. Please contact us to verify the right size for your pet , that we can give you a price - idea !
The airlines are sometimes a little bit nitpicking if the kennel is to small !

Your dog is hyperactive in the evening, even you walked him for an hour ?
With one of our Doggy Brain Train Games and only 15-20 minutes of concentration-training your doggie will be calm and tired !!!

Your dog jumps over fences and/or gets lost from time to time ? You want to know the place where he is at this moment ??? No problem ! Contact us and we will select and suggest an adäquate tracker - system via GPS or mobile phone system or both !
You want / need to move and/or leave the country with your pet, may be to Europe !
We always have the latest laws and rules of the European Union. Here an extract from
our services !
Settlement of all necessary paperwork
Doing vet appointments for vaccinations and introduction to the state-vet !
Transport of people / pets / luggage to WDH airport ! Organizing pet transport unaccompanied !
Flight accompaniing of your dog , delivery everywhere in Europe !
 Every case is different, so do not hesitate to call us for a quotation !