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The Doggie Lodge can only accept dogs which are socialised, that are used to a lead, and can be handled and fed by a strange person.
We will only accept dogs and cats that are in possession of a valid vaccination certificate of all the vaccinations applicable to this country. These are : rabies for dogs, cat flu and feline aids for cats.
Please understand, that we cannot accept your animal if it has n o t been vaccinated !!! This is for safety and health or your animal.

We strongly advice you to protect your animal from ticks and fleas with (eg. Frontline or Advantix ) !

Please bring along with your animals basket, blanket and toys etc. An old T-shirt, or something similar, which has your personal scent will make your animals stay easier. If you prefer you can bring your own dog bowls, but they are also provided by us !

In contrast to other "hotels" Doggie Lodge prices are stipulated per Day and not per Night !
The reason why ???: Your pet may check in from 7 AM and/or check out up to 6 PM !!
See our pricelist below !

You are very welcome to visit our Doggie Lodge. We will gladly describe the directions to you by telephone when yo make an appointment !
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For health damages or injuries which the animal sustains during its stay, Doggie Lodge is only reliable in case of strong negligence and only for material damages or losses and NOT for immaterial ones !
Please take note that we can not accomodate uncastrated male dogs or unspayed female dogs older than 6 months !
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